Former students come back to the IISL as teachers

15 Feb 2018

Following the IISL's idea that it is time to encourage our former master's students to teach in our Master's Programme, Ruth Mestre (Master 96/97) from the University of Valencia, and Iker Barbero (Master 2002/03) from the University of the Basque Country, have been teaching a course about...

Tomas Ledvinka gave an engaging talk about Legal Otherness

02 Feb 2018

Tomas Ledvinka, who has been doing research at the Institute library through a Residence grant, gave a presentation on one of his main research topics: "...

Tamar Pitch chooses the IISL for her last lecture

02 Feb 2018

Tamar Pitch has chosen Oñati and the Institute to give a fitting closure to her teaching career –her course on Gender, within the IISL’s International Master’s programme, will be her final lecture, as she is now retired.


Open talks about social movements in Brazil and encounters between different legal cultures

24 Jan 2018

The Institute has organized two interesting talks about socio-legal topics, by the scholars Fiammetta Bonfigli (Universidade La Salle, Canoas, Brazil) and Tomas Ledvinka (University of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic). The first talk will take place on 25 January, at 02:00 pm, and the second, on...

Nicolas Perrone.

The 2015 Juan Celaya grant-winning paper has been published

05 Jan 2018

Professor Nicolas Perrone, awardee of the Juan Celaya grant in 2015, has just had his grant-winning work published. The article is entitled UNCTAD's World Investment Reports 1991-2015: 25 Years of...

The call for the 'Oñatiko Udala' grant is open until 31 January

02 Jan 2018

The Town Hall of Oñati has announced the 'Oñatiko Udala' Grant, which is worth 4,000€. The grant is a result of a co-operation agreement between the Town Hall and the International Institute for the Sociology of Law. The call for projects is open until 31 January.


Oñati Socio-legal Series presents "Working the Boundaries of Law", the 8th issue of the year

29 Dec 2017

2017 has been a very productive year for the online socio-legal journal OSLS -it...

Oñati Socio-legal Series explores legal education in Europe

28 Dec 2017

The on-line journal Oñati Socio-legal Series published another extra issue within its volume number 7. In this case, it is a collection of articles inspired by a workshop that took place in Oñati and was chaired by Antal Szerletics...

Front page of issue 7 (6).

The December miscellaneous issue is available

22 Dec 2017

As every year, the December miscellaneous issue that includes contributions not directly related to workshops has just been published and is available on the Oñati Socio-legal Series's website.

This special December issue...

Front page of "El reto de la profundización democrática en Europa: avances institucionales en democracia directa"

Oñati Socio-legal Series analyzes direct democracy in Europe

15 Dec 2017

A new issue of the IISL's online journal, Oñati Socio-legal Series, is online on the journal's website. This is the first extraordinary number of the year, and it delves into the notion and current experiences of direct democracy....