The Oñati Institute welcomes applications to organise workshops on topics within the broad field of law in society. It provides a very congenial location for discussions and interactions among a relatively small group of researchers. Applications are evaluated by the Conferences and Workshops Committee of the Governing Board, applying the following criteria:

a) Quality of the proposal. Applications should clearly explain the contribution of the proposed workshop to socio-legal studies or sociology of law. Track record of publications arising from involvement in previous workshops or conferences (at the IISL or elsewhere) will also be considered; 

b) Spread of participation. Workshops participants should come a range of geographical locations, including both international and Basque participants. There should also be a spread of participants according to stage of career, such as doctorate students, early career academics, and senior academics. Workshops do not have to be held in English, and a diversity of language is encouraged. Applications should clearly indicate which proposed participants have already made a commitment, in principle, to attend;  

c) Originality. Applications should explain the originality of the proposed workshop. In instances where a similar topic has been the subject of previous workshop, applications should indicate how their treatment of the topic will differ. The IISL particularly welcomes proposals from people who are new to the Institute. 

d) Relevance to the Basque Country. Workshops are welcomed on any topic that will make a significant contribution to socio-legal studies or sociology of law. Topics which are relevant to the Basque Country are also strongly encouraged. This year, the Basque Government has suggested several topics of particular interest. These are:

  • Socio-legal Problems on Housing.
  • Juvenile delinquency: the status juvenile offenders; evaluation of the role and functioning of juvenile courts; suggestions for improvements.
  • Impact of legal reform implemented recently in the Basque Country, in particular, the current legislation on gender violence: assessment of the impact of reform on society and suggestions for improvements. Analysis of potential further reform is particularly welcomed, for instance, the involvement of the victim in social protection awareness training, family involvement, improving the role of the police, etc.
  • The measures adopted by youth courts: study of the impact of education and social interventions, such as work programmes, care of elderly people, programmes to benefit the community; relationship between interventions and the crime committed; study of measures adopted in other jurisdictions.
  • Civil mediation and cross-border trafficking of people: status of families living in border regions; the role of civil mediation in cross-border issues; implementation of the European Directive 2008/52/EC of the European Parliament and European Council (21st May 2008) concerning meditation in civil and commercial matters, and its application to the border between Spain and France.

The Institute takes care of local organisation, sending invitations to participants, and managing the event.  Workshops are held in a pleasant seminar room in the Antigua Universidad (1540, recently restored), and accommodation is mainly in the 18th Residencia Antia (also restored), which also has spaces for informal discussions and smaller group meetings. If there are not enough rooms in the Residencia, participants will  be lodged in a local Hotel.

In addition, the Institute is happy to provide a venue for other meetings (bilkurak) at any time of year (except August).

For more information: 

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