The proposal to organise a bilkura/encuentro at the IISL, that does not correspond to the specific format of Institute's workshops (for these please see the correspondent guidelines), should be sent to the Institute three months before, according to the proposed date. This will be examined by the IISL's Directors, and they will inform the applicant as soon as possible if the proposal has been accepted.

The request to organise a bilkura/encuentro, should include the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • A full curriculum vitae of the organiser/s.
  • A summary explaining the objectives and the focus of the meeting.
  • A programme of the bilkura/encuentro, including the titles and the timetable for the sessions.
  • A list of invited participants with their addresses.
  • The invitations will be sent in principle by the organiser(s) directly. However, depending on the staff availability, part of this work could be done by the IISL.
  • There is a fee of €80 per participant to be paid.