Information for researchers

The IISL welcomes visitors who wish to make use of our facilities, especially our wonderful library and documentation centre. The library has one of the most important socio-legal collections in the world and provides a peaceful atmosphere in which to think and write. Visitors can be at any stage of their career, including doctoral and masters’ students, post-doctoral researchers and senior scholars. Every year we receive approximately 40 visitors from all over the world, and the confluence of visitors as well as -depending on the season of the year- Master students and faculty and workshop participants, provides excellent opportunities for academic exchange and mutual learning. Whilst some of them stay with us less than a week, others come for a month or longer periods. In view of the logistics implications of this, and for the purposes of the necessary planning, the IISL Board adopted, in its executive meeting held April 2, 2019, a new regulation for our Visiting Scholars Programme.

  1. Depending on availability, visitors are welcome to stay for a short period of just a few days, up to longer visits of up to several months, but for the purposes of a better planning and outreach of our Visiting Scholars Programme, proposals for stages of at least a month of duration will be particularly welcome.  
  2. We distinguish two categories as follows: Senior Visiting Scholar/Professional, and Early Career Visiting Scholar. The former includes tenured professors and assistants/lecturers with a full-time contract and established professionals. The latter includes graduate students and post-docs without a full-time contract.

  1. Accommodation can be provided, subject to availability, in the Institute's Residence. The Residence is an 18th century Basque palace, and we provide ensuite accommodation at a reasonable rate. The Residence does not offer accommodation for children. Shall the visitor need special accommodation arrangements, additional information will be offered. Lodging prices at the Residence are indicated in the electronic application form for Visitors.

  1. We have offices available for use by visitors. Please note that these are only for specific needs - e.g. a video call - and that they are subject to availability. To use an office, a formal request must be made. We also have a scanner in the Library, and both the Residence and the IISL have free wifi access.

  1. Before planning your visit, please check our calendar. Proposals shall be sent with an anticipation of at least three months before the intended date of arrival. If you are interested in visiting the IISL, please complete our Application Form, carefully indicating the rationale of your visit, short bio-note, research abstract...

  1. Bench Fees:

Senior Visiting Scholar/Professional

  • Up to two weeks: 50 euros
  • Up to one month: 100 euros
  • Up to three months: 200 euros

Early Career Visiting Scholar

  • Up to one month: NO FEE
  • Up to two months: 50 euros
  • Up to three months 100 euros

Fees shall be paid upon arrival to the IISL. For stages of a month or more it includes IISL Library Card, Office, and additional services.

Fee waiver may be considered by the IISL Direction in view of exceptional and duly justified circumstances. Please note that insurance and lodging costs are not covered by bench fees.

Paid bench fees will not be reimbursed in the case of a shortening of the period of stay.

  1. Insurance: The IISL is unable to provide any form of insurance. Visitors are responsible for their own travel and health insurance arrangements and corresponding costs.

  1. Travel: The IISL is unable to provide travel booking services but may provide some basic orientations for travelling to Oñati. Visitors are responsible for their own travel arrangements and corresponding costs.

  1. Once your application has been submitted, your will receive immediate confirmation of its reception. Your proposal will be studied together with other applications received for the same period. After due consideration, and within a time lapse of no more than two months after its reception, you will receive our decision, and if positive, invited to confirm your visit.


* In the case of our visiting scholars and/or library users who need a quieter space to hold virtual meetings, the IISL can offer them an office in the tower of the building, which can be accessed by stairs.
Please note that the use of this office is only for the duration of the virtual meeting. It is not a space to work during your stay at the IISL.

If you are interested in requesting the use of this office, please fill in this form.

For more information: 

Ainhoa Markuleta Letamendi

IISJ (Visiting scholars)
Avenida de la Universidad, 8
Apartado 28
20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) - Spain
T.: +34 943 78... Ver teléfono