Mission, Vision, Values


In accordance with its Bylaws, the main goal of the IISL is to achieve advancements in research into the sociology of law, actively following developments in the different fields of the subject through academic discussion, analysis and comparison. To this end, the IISL maintains its relations with the University of the Basque Country and with other Basque institutions, to facilitate its integration within the local context and its relationship with the Basque people, their society and culture.


The IISL aims to serve as a beacon for the international sociology of law. In accordance with its Bylaws, this would above all mean generating a genuine spirit of scientific research, without being hampered by any competitive academic goals. The prevailing motivation would instead be to learn from each other, engage in constructive critiques and share experiences, perceptions and knowledge.


  • Research
  • Innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Service
  • Transparency
  • Quality