Newsletter 50 2016-12

Oñati-IISL eNewsletter - eBoletín del IISJ-Oñati No. 50
2016 / 12
International Master's in the Sociology of Law

The 28th Oñati Master Programme is already available! We hope you find it interesting!

Oñati International Master's in the Sociology of Law 2017-2018 Programme
The Multicultural Constitution
Prof. Vincenzo Ferrari
presenting the 28th programme of the Oñati Master [+]

[+info] [+Full course application form]
Deadline: 28 February, 2016. Further information

2016-2017 Programme

State and Citizenship: reflections on the migrants as activist
Social Research Theory and Practice. Prof. Maggie Walter -(University of Tasmania)
The Multicultural Constitution
14-25 Nov..: State and Citizenship: reflections on the migrants as activist
Prof. Iker Barbero - (University of the Basque Country) [+]
28 Nov.-9 Dec.: The Rule of Law: Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Politics & Reality
Prof. Martin Krygier (The University of New South Wales) [+]
12-23 Dec.: The Multicultural Constitution
Prof. Daniel Bonilla (Universidad de los Andes) [+]

Single courses available! You can also attend single courses of the programme [+list of courses] [+Leaflet] [+Poster] [+Application procedures] [+Single courses application form]

Further information

Student support fund

Donations are used to support our student grants [+], and are always very welcome.

Donate via Paypal or other options through our web page [+info]
Call for workshops 2018

2017 workshop calendar
The workshop programme for next year is already closed. Check the full programme [+info]

Calendario workshops 2017
El programa de workshops del año que viene ya está cerrado. Consúltalo [+info]

Call for 2018 workshops - Total logistical and planning support!

We invite applications to hold workshops at its facilities in 2018. The Institute provides modern, full-equipped meeting rooms of various sizes, excellent accommodations in its Residence, arrangements at local restaurants at very reasonable prices, free bus service from/to the nearest airport and train station, total logistical and planning support. [+info] Further information
Deadline: February 10, 2017

Propuestas de workshops 2018 - Total ayuda logística y de organización!

Os invitamos a presentar propuestas para celebrar reuniones utilizando las instalaciones de Oñati durante el año 2018. El Instituto dispone de varias salas de reuniones modernas y bien equipadas de varios tamaños, excelente alojamiento en su Residencia, contactos con restaurantes locales a precios razonables, servicio de bus gratis desde, o al más próximo, aeropuerto o estación ferroviaria, total ayuda logística y de organización. [+info] Más información
Fecha límite: 10 de febrero de 2017

Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Latest publications

Oñati Socio-Legal Series

Vol. 6, n. 4 (October-December): The Politics and Jurisprudence of Group Offending

Issue edited by Anthony Amatrudo (Middlesex University. School of Law).

Anthony Amatrudo. Applying Analytic Reasoning to Clarify Intention and Responsibility in Joint Criminal Enterprise Cases. [+PDF]

Peter Squires. Voodoo Liability: Joint Enterprise Prosecution as an Aspect of Intensified Criminalisation. [+PDF]

Michael Welch. Clinical Torture: Drifting in the Atrocity Triangle. [+PDF]

Adam Edwards. Actors, Scripts, Scenes and Scenarios: Key Trends in Policy and Research on the Organisation of Serious Crimes. [+PDF]

Don Crewe. Gang: Culture. Eidos and Process. [+PDF]

Regina E. Rauxloh. Group Offending in Mass Atrocities: Proposing a Group Violence Strategies Model for International Crimes. [+PDF]

James Hardie-Bick. Escaping the Self: Identity, Group Identification and Violence. [+PDF]

Antje du Bois-Pedain: Violent Dynamics: Exploring Responsibility-Attribution for Harms Inflicted During Spontaneous Group Violence. [+PDF]

Sortuz: Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-legal Studies: Call for papers

We have an open call for papers all year round, however, to be considered for the first issue of 2017 of Sortuz, please submit the papers through our on-line system before February 20, 2017. [+info]

Nuestra convocatoria se encuentra abierta todo el año, sin embargo, para ser considerados para el primer número de 2017 de Sortuz, los artículos se deben enviar a través de nuestro sistema en línea antes del 20 de febrero de 2017.  [+info]

Library and Documentation Centre

IISL Library online catalogThank you to all the donors who have sent us their publications

Our library is open Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:30 h.
Come and visit us! [+library online catalogue]

Nuestra biblioteca está abierta de lunes a viernes, de 9:00 a 17:30 h.
Ven a conocernos! [+Catálogo en línea]


Call for Residence Grant 2017-2018...

Alma Guadalupe Melgarito Rocha... for carrying out research work at the Library and Documentation Center [+] between October 2017 and March 2018
Deadline: February 10, 2017 [+info] Further information

... Becas de residencia para realizar trabajos de investigación en la Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación [+] entre octubre 2017 y marzo de 2018.
Fecha límite: 10 Febrero 2017 [+info] Más información

Juan Celaya Grant 2016: Entrega de los informes finales de los proyectos de investigación

Alma Guadalupe Melgarito RochaAlma Guadalupe Melgarito Rocha

Título: Crítica Jurídica como análisis del discurso. Análisis sociosemiológico de los efectos de la globalización jurídica en el Nuevo Constitucionalismo Latinoamericano.Miguel Ángel Andrés Llamas

Miguel Ángel Andrés Llamas
Título: El poder político privado: análisis sociológico del Derecho económico global y propuesta de control jurídico multinivel.

Oñati Community

We are excited to let you know that the International Institute for the Sociology of Law has launched a new initiative. Striving to bring our alumni, faculty, visitors and friends together, we have established an association and we called it Oñati Community. Hereby, we would like to invite you to take a look at how you can benefit from becoming a member and, of course, to join Oñati Community [+info]

Oñati Community

Oñati Institute Seminar Series

Tim Bryant: How Canadian police deals with hate criminality. 26 Oct [+info]

Francisco Vértiz: State intervention in the production of the city. Conformation and orientation of urban policy in the district of La Plata (2009-2015). 23 Nov [+info]

Shane Chalmers: Legal Pluralism and the Rule of Law. 7 Dec [+info]

Eduardo Gutierrez Cornelius: Are Brazilian youth offenders getting "the worst of both worlds"?: The Superior Court of Justice's interpretation of the Statute of the Child and Adolescent. 13 Dec [+info]

Ainhoa Martínez Miguel - Valeria Vázquez Guevara: Transitional Justice in South Africa and Colombia: In Conversation. 20 Dec [+info]

Recent visitors to the Institute / Han visitado el Instituto

You will find an unique atmosphere to research or write, with the best Library and Documentation Center [+] on Law and Society to make research

Disfruta de un ambiente único para investigar o escribir, en la mejor Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación [+] sobre sociología jurídica para desarrollar tu investigación.

Residence Grants / Becas de residencia

Tim BryanTim Bryan (Canada): 2016/10/14 - 2016/12/02

"The institute provided me an excellent opportunity to share my work in a collegial environment and gave me an opportunity to learn from scholars engaged in dynamic socio-legal research. I would like to thank the IISL for providing me with this opportunity and for committing to a program that allows scholars at different stages of their careers to come together and further develop their research." [+info]

Laura Binger - IISL Oñati Residence GrantLaura Binger (Canada): 2016/10/03 - 2016/12/23

"Whether learning about my colleagues’ work through presentations at the Institute or discussing methodological challenges and theoretical concepts over dinner, I have appreciated the intellectually engaging atmosphere here." [+info]


Eduardo Gutiérrez CorneliusEduardo Gutiérrez Cornelius (Brasil): 2016/11/04 - 2016/12/16

"My six-week stay in Oñati was extremely productive in several ways. I used my time at the Institute to work on my dissertation on Brazilian youth justice, which I undertake at the University of São Paulo's Sociology Department. The Institute's amazing library sections on crime and punishment and youth justice helped established a richer dialogue with the international literature on the subject. Surprisingly, though, I could also access books on Brazilian youth justice that I did not find in Brazil." [+info]

Francisco VértizFrancisco Vértiz (La Trobe University - Australia): 2016/10/04 - 2017/01/02

"Cabe resaltar que el IISJ es un ámbito muy propicio para realizar tareas de investigación. La biblioteca cuenta con una importantísima colección de libros y revistas de diferentes disciplinas de las ciencias sociales que se han abocado al estudio de los fenómenos jurídicos. La distribución de los materiales se encuentra muy bien organizada y las responsables del funcionamiento de la biblioteca están muy pendientes." [+info]


Visiting scholars / Investigadores visitantes

Raul Sanchez-UribarriRaul Sanchez-Uribarri (La Trobe University - Australia): 2016/10/11 - 2016/11/12

"I had many opportunities to engage in useful informal conversations with professors, research scholars and students living in the residencia. Professor Ferrari was an excellent host, and the visiting scholars and students offered a really collegial and friendly environment to live and work." [+info]

Susanna Lindroos-HovinheimoSusanna Lindroos-Hovinheimo (University of Helsinki - Finland): 2016/11/07 - 2016/11/19

"I did research for a presentation that I held at the Spectacular Law – Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia Conference, 8–10 December 2016 at the University of Hong Kong. The stay at IISL was very helpful for preparing the paper." [+info]

Sarah BlandySarah Blandy (University of Sheffield - UK): 2016/11/22 - 2016/12/08

"I have been to Onati before, to attend workshops, and for a very brief period as a visiting scholar in June 2015. I was determined to come back to Onati for a longer period, and was able to do this because my university gave me study leave September 2016-January 2017. The library is second to none and it is a lovely place to work, away from all the usual distractions of university life. Onati is a beautiful town, and its social life in the square and streets is enjoyable to observe and feel part of, even if you don’t speak Basque!. " [+info]

Rachel BusbridgeRachel Busbridge (Freie Universität Berlin - Germany): 2016/10/11 - 2016/12/11

"I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to complete my book here at the IISL –not only is Oñati a wonderful place to work (and work I have done!) but it has been an absolute pleasure to meet staff, students and other visiting scholars.
After two months, I am leaving with a manuscript in my hand and an address book of new friends." [+info]

Emma LeeEmma Lee (University of Tasmania - Australia): 2016/12/01 - 2016/12/14

"The IISL has been a place of intellectual respite for me. The Institute is embedded within the wider community of Oñati and therefore one is reminded every day that research requires a community of willing participants. With every meal and walk through the plaza, it becomes clear that the ISSL provides a culturally safe environment to think smartly and act respectfully within the wider context of living, applying and knowing the research. " [+info]

Matteo FincoMatteo Finco (University of Macerata - Italy): 2016/10/15 - 2015/12/15

"I am here to complete the research of my Phd program in Social Sciences. I am writing my thesis and the library of the IISL Institute give me the possibility to improve my work, with a lot of suggestions. There are a lots of volumes in original languages that is impossible to find in Italy, and also I can compare different books that I read in italian with the original edition available here." [+info]

Natália Bittencourt OttoNatália Bittencourt Otto (University of Sao Paulo - Brazil): 2016/11/04 - 2016/12/16

"I have spent my time in Onãti accessing the Institute’s wide library, where I found many materials concerning my research interests. Mine is not a widely-studied topic, and I had trouble finding literature about it in Brazil. I came to Oñati hoping to find readings on this subject and was not disappointed. The library is incredible and provided me more materials about my chosen object of study that I could ask for (or read in a lifetime!). " [+info]

Deborah BrockDeborah Brock (York University - Canada): 2016/12/10 - 2016/12/16

"The description of the book that I was revising, quite productively. Re-Making Normal: Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times, edited by Deborah Brock, explores the combined forces of normalization, neoliberalism, and governmental power in a manner that is accessible to undergraduate students and to readers who are new to the the governmentality approach, while providing some enlightening case studies for those who are already familiar with this analytic perspective" [+info]

Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Asia: Call for papers

Papers are selected through a rigorous peer review process. CELSA will consider empirical papers across all areas of law. Quantitative data analysis is preferred. Only submissions in English are considered. While authors are strongly encouraged to submit works-in-progress, submissions should be completed drafts that present main findings. Submitted papers must be unpublished (and expected to be unpublished at the time of the conference). If accepted, authors will have an opportunity to submit a revised draft prior to the conference.  Each paper will be assigned a discussant and authors of accepted papers are expected to be willing to act as discussants of another paper. Although there is no commitment toward publication, conference speakers are invited to submit their papers to the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. [+info]

Call for Papers – Submission Deadline: 15 February 2017 Notifications on paper inclusion by mid-March 2017

Conference Dates: June 13–15, 2017 (Tuesday–Thursday)

Please send logistics questions to Dr. Han-wei Ho at
Please send academic questions to Prof. Yun-chien Chang at