Bryan, Tim

14 Oct 2016 to 02 Dec 2016

I had the pleasure of spending seven weeks at the IISL and I truly enjoyed every minute of my time there. The institute provided me an excellent opportunity to share my work in a collegial environment and gave me an opportunity to learn from scholars engaged in dynamic socio-legal research. I would like to thank the IISL for providing me with this opportunity and for committing to a program that allows scholars at different stages of their careers to come together and further develop their research.

During my stay at the institute, I was given the opportunity to present my research to the cohort of Master's students during their comparative legal cultures class. As teaching is one of my greatest joys, this was an especially rewarding experience. Living in the residence with the Master's students enrolled in the IISL's international master's program was also a positive experience and allowed for exciting and generative conversations on a wide range of issues.

When I applied for a residency grant, my goal was to complete chapters of my dissertation which examines police response to racially and religiously motivated hate crimes in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario Canada. In particular, I wanted to work through some conceptual and methodological challenges. With the assistance of the resources in the institute's library and with the support of my fellow visiting scholars, I was able to make great headway in these areas. 

But apart from the resources of the institute, what I will remember most about my time at the IISL is the beauty of Onati, the kindness of the IISL staff, and the hospitality of the town's residents. The natural beauty of the town is truly stunning and provides an ideal place to work and relax. The people of Onati are welcoming and make you feel at home. I can't wait until my next stay in Onati.

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