Finco, Matteo

University of Macerata
15 Oct 2016 to 15 Dec 2016
Experience in Oñati: 

I am here to complete the research of my Phd program in Social Sciences. I am writing my thesis and the library of the IISL Institute give me the possibility to improve my work, with a lot of suggestions. There are a lots of volumes in original languages that is impossible to find in Italy, and also I can compare different books that I read in italian with the original edition available here. My project is an observation of fundamental rights within the frame of social system theory. This is a theoretical work about the semantics of ‘fundamental rights’ in the contemporary world society. I want to realize a sociological reflection concerning those rights that are claimed as essential and indispensable. One of the key points of this work is identified in concepts such as “persona” and “subject”: they describe the rise in the Western tradition of a specific conceptualization of the individual, conceived as a self-referential entity, whose legitimacy and whose rights are founded in himself, and not, as in the past, in a “natural order”.
Everything is fine, this is the ideal place to study, because of the library, the possibility to meet other researchers, students, professor. I am very happy to be here.