Career Development and Mentoring

By studying the IISL’s Master in Socio-Legal Studies you will acquire the knowledge, skills and support needed to afford your transition to a new and rewarding professional career with confidence and determination.

As an IISL alumnus or alumna, in addition to your new expertise, you will be part of an impressive global network of socio-legal scholars and practitioners, active all over the world, in public and private institutions such as universities and research centers, local and state governments, corporations, civil society organizations, multilateral institutions, law firms and others.

Your expertise and distinctive contribution is increasingly relevant, shaping social and political transformations in fields as diverse as justice, human rights, gender equality, environmental issues, labour rights, conflict resolution and alternative settlement of disputes, corporate social responsibility, education, healthcare or housing, amongst many other important domains of socio-legal relevance. You will be able to contribute to fostering innovative policy making, helping to tackle deficient legal regulations and policies, ineffective programs, or gaps in social service delivery.

You will be able to provide research, training, advice or advocacy, and serve as a facilitator and mediator for tackling diverse critical issues that are perceived as overlooked or ineffectively addressed by national and local governments, the private sector, non-profits, community organizations or multilateral institutions.

Academia and Research

Non-Profit Sector

Public Sector and Policy Making

Legal Professions

Business Sector

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