As to this year activities (2021), we started some highly successful online conversations about socio-economic inequality in the Global South, particularly in Latin America which took place between May and  July this year.  And continued in November with another one about socio legal implications of the Covid-19 pandemic in Africa.

The aim of the webinar series is to bring together alumni, faculty, and friends of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law (IISL) to discuss some of the most pressing and contemporary socio-legal problems of our time.

We are about to start a new line of webinars which will consist on presenting the Doctoral Thesis of former master’s students of the IISL just before their official defence. We will start next  January 17 with a talk on  "Socio-legal Perspectives on the Basque language, Education and Media" by Ihintza Palacin. She will defend her PhD in February 2022 at the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). 

A new line of webinars will be about the INDIGENOUS PEOPLES

The general webinar series with the hope to strengthen our Oñati Community bond, and come together to discuss, challenge, and rethink some of the global socio-legal challenges of our time.


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