Brazil on debate: democracy and conflict


Thayla Conceição is a Brazilian human rights lawyer, social scientist, photographer and PhD candidate in Sociology and Law at the Federal Fluminense University (UFF/Rio de Janeiro). She was a substitute professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) in Legal Sociology and Anthropology and works interdisciplinary with intersections between art, criminology, traditional population, popular culture and Brazilian Social Thought.

Fernando Maldonado has a PDH in Democracy of the 21th Century of the Doctoral Program of the Center for Social Studies – University of Coimbra.  He also has a Master in Sociology of Law from the International Institute of Legal Sociology of Oñati, Spain and graduated in Legal and Social Sciences, of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Fernando is academic with Interdisciplinary Experience with Researches and Practices in the Areas of Law, Sociology, Development, Political Economy, Environment and Transitional Justice. Reviewer of Journals and Former Researcher of the European Research Council

Fiammetta Bonfigli is an italian scholar living in Brazil since 2014. She is currently a Professor at the Law Faculty of the Federal University of Espírito Santo. She has a postdoc at lasalle university of Porto Alegre where she published her research on social movemrnts and the law in 2013 protests in Brazil. She has a phd in sociology of law at the Universita degli Studi di Milano( Italy) and did her master studies at the IISJ. Her ongoing researches focus on State crime, police violence and transitional justice

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