Alexis, Chasidy

Master thesis: 
Cultural property rights in the First Nation Land Management Act
Experience in Oñati: 

I found out about the Masters Program through my Carleton University Law Faculty advertisement, it was posted through our student emails and on the news bulletin board in the administration office. I was extremely interested because I had spend my entire BA-Law degree studying the impacts of society and law. Most of my courses were aimed at instituting a focus on the impacts of law and society, I was about to complete my program and I knew there was more to learn in this area of law. That law was not only taught through codified focus [substantive law] but also through a societal based[normative] focus as well. 

My entire academic focus is based on learning about the impacts of law within the paradigm of Indigenous peoples, particularly on land use and property ownership. It was my hope that your program would teach me about the socio-legal theories behind this two part dimension, so I applied to your institute with that mindset. I aimed to gain more knowledge about the roles of law and society and left with my goal partially completed, there is more I need to learn I believe. 

Thanks to the solid teachings and discipline of the institution, I now have the tools to reflect within the layers of the law and society. The program has conditioned me to focus through the lens of the social norms values when analyzing a legal subject and always be objective cause subjectivity can lead to plural results.  

This program was life changing, I hope to continue my research into a PHD program in the future, thank you for your time