Mugi card (Public transit card) (

This  integrated ticketing system  means that the same card - known as the Mugi card - can be used to travel on all the main forms of transport in Gipuzkoa (and Bizkaia).


The Mugi system offers great advantages to frequent users of public transport, in the form of:

Types of card available:

Travelcards: (you can buy it in several shops in Oñati: ALTUNA, HARITZA, IRIZAR)

This is a transferable ticket which offers a 32% discount on normal fares. It is suitable for groups travelling together (schools, businesses) and tourists, etc. It costs €5 and can be purchased from authorised sale points in the application & top-up network (no forms need to be filled in).

Ordinary non-transferable card: (you can request it in ALTUNA shop / Address: Kale Barria 19 Street or on INTERNET)

A non-transferable card bearing the full name and a photo of the holder. Users can enjoy all the advantages of the MUGI system. Only the card holder can travel with them. You need to fill in a form and aks for it.

How does the MUGI CARD work?

  • On inter-city coaches (Lurraldebus) cards must be validated both upon boarding and upon leaving the vehicle. Upon boarding, simply hold your card up to the incoming validation device located either on the ticket machine or behind the driver's seat. Before alighting, you must again validate your card by holding it up to the reader by the exit door. Failure to do this will result in you being charged the single-ticket (paper ticket) fare for an end-to-end journey on the line in question.
  • On city bus lines (Donostia/San Sebastian, Irun, Errenteria, Eibar, Zarautz, Arrasate, Hernani, Lasarte-Oria and Oiartzun) the card only needs to be validated upon boarding.
  • When the driver validates your card, you do not need to re-validate it when you leave the vehicle.
  • On rail services (Euskotren and Renfe), cards must be validated upon entering and leaving the station or platform.

Mugi FAQ: