Oñatiko Udala Grant



1. The cooperation agreement applies to the funding of socio-legal projects that are likely to generate insights which will speak to key issues of local self-government and will thus contribute valuable policy recommendations for the Town of Oñati. These may be research projects, PhD studies or international collaboration between social scientists looking into legal phenomena.

The conditions for applying for the “Oñatiko Udala” grant are published annually on the Institute’s website and are decided upon jointly by the signatories. They contain information about the types of project, researchers, deadlines and conditions for the projects as well as the subject areas the signatories will prioritise.

2. The following types of project can apply for the grant:

  • Type 1 – Research projects

    These shall involve research into the socio-legal aspects of local self-government, civic activity or/and national identity. Research work should finalise with the writing of at least one scientific paper.

  • Type 2 – PhD studies

  • Enrolment fees and living/accommodation expenses on prestigious social-legal PhD programmes related to the Oñati Institute will be funded if the PhD project in question is on a subject related to socio-legal aspects of local self-government, civic activity or/and national identity.

  • Type 3 – International collaboration

    By this is meant the drawing up and implementation of a project relating to the creation of world cooperation networks between researchers in socio-legal fields, especially those that place the IISL at the centre of the developments and interrelation initiatives of socio-legal associations around the world.

    Participation in the project will be in cooperation with the IISL and products and international collaboration networks will be created. 

The International Institute for the Sociology of Law pledges to faithfully adhere to the spirit in which this grant was created. Payment of the  €4,000 will be made in the following way:

a)   20% of the total amount within a month of the researcher being chosen.

b)   50% once a report has been written detailing information about the progress of the research work.

c)   The final 30% once the project has been finished.

The International Institute for the Sociology of Law will have first refusal over publication of the research work and may choose to do so either electronically or in a hard copy. Where appropriate the publication may also be presented at a public event (with the presence of the grant-holder) at the Institute’s premises.

The terms of the agreement mean the Oñatiko Udala Grant and the IISL must be mentioned in any publication or public presentation of the project’s progress or results. The grant shall be returned if the project is abandoned or not carried out.

Documents to be handed in:

Applicants must be studying the International Master’s in Sociology of Law or have done so in the past or should be researchers related to the IISL, having taken active part in any of its programmes and shall reside in Oñati during the time they are working on the project and during its presentation (this requirement does not need to be met in the case of students currently on the Master’s programme).

Applicants must show an interest in socio-legal aspects of local self-government, civic activity and national identity and should justify their research skills. Applicants should include the following:

  • A detailed outline of their research project (2-5 pages).
  • An abstract with the project’s title and key words.
  • Bibliography.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A provisional budget and timescale
  • The signed statement of authorship and originality of the research work.

For projects to be carried out during 2021, applications (the FORM  ) must be sent by e-mail before 13,00 hours on the 26th February 2021 (the decision on who is to be awarded the grant will be taken by March 2021).

The final project should reach the IISL by e-mail at m.mesonero@iisj.es and m.ramstedt@iisj.es  by 13,00 hours on the 7th September 2021. 

Members of the decision committee:

IISL representatives:

  • Joxerramon Bengoetxea as the coordinator of the IISL Master's and the Scientific Coordinator of the Oñati Community.
  • The current Scientific Director (whoever that is at the moment).

Town Hall representatives:

  • Izaro Elorza, Mayor.
  • Alaitz Kortabarria, President of the Education Commission.
  • Ainhoa Galdos, Representative of the party EAJ/PNV.
  • Iñaki Akizu, Education Technician.


For more information: 

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