Qualitative Approaches to Research

8 Nov 2021 to 12 Nov 2021

In this course, we will look more specifically at qualitative research design.

By the end of this course, you should have an understanding of the epistemology foundations of qualitative research, including the important concepts of inductive research and grounded theory. We should also be able to understand and apply qualitative research methods, including interviewing, case study research, ethnography and policy research, and have an appreciation of the ethical principles that underlie social science research.

This course is delivered quite differently than you other courses. It will be delivered jointly by Santiago Amietta. It will a blended delivery, which combines online videos with the video material examined within face-to-face workshops run by Santiago. The videos will discuss theoretical issues relating to qualitative research methodology, and the workshops will provide an opportunity to discuss in-depth issues relating to qualitative research and to develop your practical research skills.