Tukwariba Yin, Elijah

Master thesis: 
Local Waste Management as Local Order: Attitudes and Perceptions of Households Towards Solid Waste in Ashaiman, Ghana
Experience in Oñati: 

I must say the IISL is one of the best place one can study Law and Society. A mishmash of a serene academic environment with a world class library and eminent Professors is what make the IISL unique. To be taught by different Professors from different universities across the globe is also an important factor that makes the IISL dazzling in the field of Socio-Legal studies. The course contents and components expose students to contemporary debates in Law. The courses, ranging from legal pluralism to Gender and Law and the approach to teaching engages the mind towards critical thinking. The multicultural class which symbolizes the globe is an opportunity that only few privilege students can get. Through the Onati IISL I have developed a more critical perspective on Law and Society. My research experience has been enriched through the research seminars organized by the Institute. All the Professors played a significant role in building this research background I have acquired. This has demonstrated itself in the very few research articles I have published.

My exploits with Ignatius, Ramiro, Eugenia, Ali (from the friendship programme) and some other visiting scholars in the pool room is an experience worth remembering. The weekend walks to the river and the mountains with Chitra, Jenna, Ignatius, Estelle, and Marloes always give me a call back to Onati. My first time experience with the amazing fireworks at the palace square was an enjoyable one. The special cultural environment that Onati provides is highly remarkable. The Christmas invitation from Jon and Mum was very astounding. To be together with such a special family was just something on its own. The New Year night with Wednesday and friends was also great. The numerous holidays in the Basque Country was something that provided good opportunities for me to relax and read. I wish I have such numerous holidays in Ghana. I remember all the very interesting moments, the debates and e-mail exchanges about whether some spaces within the shared kitchen were either a private or public space. The sports centre offered a great opportunity for me to exercise though I used it on very few occasions. The full scholarship from the IISL was indeed a generous one. Prof. Angela was wonderful in her role as the then Scientific Director of the Institute. Angela helped me to repair my computer when it broke down. I say thank you to Angela for that assistance. The coordinating prowess of Susana, the administrative dexterity of Antonio and the other administrative staff and the ever efficient library staff cannot go unmentioned. In effect my experience with the IISL has left an impressive mark on me. With the strong ties I have with the IISL I will continue to be a friend and an ambassador of the university wherever I go.

Gracias a todos los profesores. Fue genial conocer a todos ustedes y espero conocerlos a todos algún día

PhD Título: 
Religion as an Organising Principle in Ankaful Maximum Security Prison, Ghana
PhD Universidad: 
University of Cape Coast
PhD Año: