Monforte, Tanya

Master thesis: 
Inclusion /Exclusion – Creating Identity through the Sociology of Law.
Experience in Oñati: 

It was useful both for opening doors for further study as well as formative for my intellectual growth. I am sure getting the MA from Oñati was crucial for me to gain acceptance at Harvard Law School. It was in this way instrumentally useful. However, more importantly, it changed the way I looked at law and forever altered my research questions and my intellectual and political path. It was challenging and enriching in ways I could not have anticipated when I applied. My favorite memory was the late night and weekend studying in the library. We had arranged for “extended hours” and the Institute and library were gracious enough to grant the students use of the facilities after hours. That is the best library in the world not only for the special collection (which is fantastic), but also for the intangible feel of a truly historic, ancient library. I loved sitting in the study room with only Maider Guridi, myself, our books and papers, unfinished theses, and our anxieties. The rain outside was the only noise apart from the sound of pages turning and pens writing as we figured out together how to write. So much anxiety, and still it is one of my favorite memories.