Kearney, Kristine

Master thesis: 
How American teens view police in white, middle-upper class suburbia
Experience in Oñati: 

My time at the IISL furthered my studies from college and the thesis project greatly expanded my knowledge of sociological research. The International Criminology class related directly to my later career as a fraud investigator which often involved cross border criminal organizations. Living with students from all over the world and hearing perspectives on law and the local legal systems from people who lived in the former Soviet Union, Africa, South America, Western Europe etc. gave me a world wide perspective and made me a more understanding and educated citizen of the world. Life in Oñati enriches the school program. My time in Oñati started my life long love affair with tortilla and calimochos ( Kalimotxos). T here are so many memories from hikes in the mountains, weekly protests, nights out at the local bars and restaurants, the local dance troupe with their flute showing up outside our window, sidrerias, Sunday mass at the amazing church, group dinners and parties at the residencia, and learning a few Basque words. I learned so much about the Basque history, culture, and cause that I never would have learned otherwise. I often find myself these days enlightening people about the interesting history of the Basques. Of course my main memory is meeting my husband! We met over 10 years ago as students at the IISL and now we have a IISL baby! We plan to return on our 10 th anniversary to stay at the residencia where it all began. I pretty much owe my life now to my time spent in Oñati.