Hourani, Housam

Master thesis: 
Legality and the Transformation of Rights in the Treaty King Process: the case of Palestine
Experience in Oñati: 

It was very useful especially the focus on understanding societies, relationship between law and society, communication, culture, etc. What the Sociology of Law did to me is to make me link the pure legal studies that I have had in LLB to society, its individuals and institutions and that has been extremely useful.

Yes, I believe I was on the 2nd Course for the Masters and have to say the following:

1. I have enjoyed the culture of the Centre where everyone was extremely helpful and team work was far more important than individual work and everyone made me feel at home and added into the experience;

2. I have learned far more from socialising with students from various countries than from the course itself. The time that we have spent in dining, talking and discussing issues was the most important time;

3. The idea and I am not sure if that is still the case of having lecturers coming every 2 weeks from different countries and presenting to us was fantastic since it made us exposed to so many lecturers with various background;

4. The idea that professors stay and sleep in the same place with the students has made the relationship far more friendly and close and made learning fun and easy;

5. Finally, ONATI as a town is a fantastic town and the people of Onati have made us all welcoming and I will never forget the friends that I have made there