Eijkelenberg, Ursus

The Netherlands
Master thesis: 
ON POLITICAL IMPOTENCE. How democracies become militant, and its demos becomes impotent
Experience in Oñati: 

Many times I have explained friends and others where I've been in 2016. "Oñati?", was the most common respons. Yes, Oñati. 

At the heart of Gipuzkoa, or the 'mouth of the lion' as some Spanish (read: non-Basque) people call it, the International Institute for the Sociology of Law has rooted. The institute offers much more than a terrific intellectual journey, with each year an incredible and diverse team of professors and experts on wide ranging topics. Here widely diverging cultures and personalities are placed within a setting of ongoing interaction: during classes at the institute, further debates at the dining table, quarrels at the pool table, late night discussion in the residence. All contribute to deeply engaging, understanding and learning from different viewpoints and cosmologies. It is a venture into the 'other', the unknown, and as such a further exploration of the 'self'. Development in many shapes and forms. For some more challenging than others. Nonetheless, with the unabated support of fellow students, visiting scholars and, of course, the terrific staff in the library and administration office, as well as the scientific directors, mountains become hills — even the Aloña mountain — and the journey might end sooner than you longed for.