Djunaidi, Evin Sofia

Master thesis: 
Police Accountability of Oversight Mechanism Indonesian National Police of the Republic of Indonesia
Experience in Oñati: 

From the Master programme in 2010-2011, Prof. Mikael Rask Madsen and Prof. Joxerramon Bengoetxea are most influent people to open my mind. They shared their knowledge and philosophy mostly about relationship between develop countries and developing countries. From the history of colonialisation up to legal culture. These kind of knowledge gave me influence in seeing things when I do my work now. In addition to study, I like to have fun with other students, cooking together although the issue of kitchen stuff are hard for most younger students. I love the beauty scenery of Oñati, being an Asia woman who came to Europe for the first time, I enjoyed my first winter, and then swallowed the snow. The language is the barrier for me, because I can not speak Spanish, or other European language. I like to study the history of Oñati, but no references I can't find in English. However, the goodnews is I made friends with local people also: an old mother who work at supermarket behind the Residencia, three women at Fish store and fish market, Juan who lived near Oñati who invited me, Agustin, Anna Maria for dinner, Fernando from Portu Café, the young punkrock band player and of course the unforgettable of the IISL staffs and professors!. Eskerrik asko Susanna, for always keep in touch with me. My big hugs and kisses to all of you. Muxus!