Cruz, Leopoldo

Master thesis: 
Conceptions of Freedom in the Use of the Open Public Space: the Foruen Enparantza in Oñati as an illustration

Dr. Leopoldo Cruz Balbuena, also known as Polo, is a leading socio-legal scholar navigating the legal landscape of cutting-edge technologies. He unlocks their potential while safeguarding individual rights and privacy. Polo delves into the intricate relationship between law, technology, and society, focusing on AI, Metaverse, IoT, and AR.

With a Ph.D. (Cum Laude), Polo transitioned from analyzing massive datasets to shaping responsible AI development. His academic rigor and real-world experience make him a sought-after advisor and speaker. Passionate about accessibility and inclusivity, Polo mitigates risks by developing robust legal frameworks for responsible and equitable access to these transformative technologies. He regularly shares his insights in academic journals, industry publications, and media, captivating audiences with clear explanations of complex topics. Engage with Polo to learn more about his work and join the conversation on responsibly integrating new technologies into our society.


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Experience in Oñati: 

Life is a continuous process of evolution.  The most widespread way that human beings have used is through knowledge.  The Master in Sociology of Law given by the International Institute of the Sociology of Law has become a key piece in my own evolution.  The Master provides the tools that everyone interested in increasing his own knowledge needs.  The personnel of the institute is helpful and kind, they are always looking for the best for the students.  The faculty is the top scholars in their area of interest, always willing to help and advise the students.
The library is amazing, with endless invigorating books and comfortable facilities.  The residence is a fundamental piece of the experience of the Master, it becomes a family where you can embrace different cultures from all over the World.  The multicultural composition of the student body also contributes in the classroom, where the students can share different standpoints in debates enriching the knowledge acquired through the readings

PhD Título: 
Freedom Matters: a Theoretical-Practical Approach to the Measurement of Freedom
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