Cheng Chang, Hong (Maurice)

Master thesis: 
No Secrets Anymore: Identities, Strategies and the Making of the Gay Rights Movement in the Basque Country
Experience in Oñati: 

Although I have had some basic knowledge of the Sociology of Law from previous studies, being part of the Master Programme and following the courses and training, I learned different approaches in organizing the research project and enriching the methodology and academic values of it. In particular on the field study of local gay rights organization, activists and development, the studies at the IISL helped me to practice the theory into action. Besides, the Library offers me an incredible collection of literatures and references in the gay rights field. The international atmosphere also gave me a diversified and board insight of thinking and reasoning. Making friends with children in Oñati is the best part of my memory. I enjoy taking pictures of Oñati children, in festivals, on the street and at Town hall square at sunset. I found that they have a gift and talent to perfectly fit into my camera viewfinder, and they enjoy being photographed too. I appreciate their friendship with all my heart. Their smiles and gestures paint the most fantastic picture of the town. They are my most unforgettable memories of Europe .