Ahsan, Monjurul

Master thesis: 
Conflicting Issues and challenges related to Common Property Management and Customary Rights of the Indigenous People of Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh
Experience in Oñati: 

IISL is very rich with its institutional and library facilities and all the staffs are very positive for the creation of this learning environment. It's a multicultural environment where brilliant students and best teachers in their respective field are interacting and learning from each other with good spirit and this is such a wonderful environment that it meets the world-class stranded for socio-legal study. As a students of this institute, I am carrying the spirit of IISL and this institute makes me understand and capable to look at the world with a broader perspective for a positive change and to act accordingly specially in my country Bangladesh . It's the day when all the 18 years old boys and girls came to street in the morning wearing white dresses, boys blue caps and girls with flowers and having a stick, singing a song and knocking the earth with stick two times. Old people are also in parade with musical instruments. It touches my heart!