Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation

27 Mar 2022 to 30 Mar 2022

The course will give students theoretical foundations and some practical experience in communication,  and negotiation to strengthen their interpersonal skills and cause them to reflect about advantages and difficulties of different methods of conflict solution.

The course offers basics of communication theory, communication psychology, (personnel) management studies related to communication and alternative dispute resolution as a field of sociology of law.

Aims of the course:

- to get an insight into the basic principles of communication drawing on various theoretical concepts,

- to enhance presentation skills

- to learn and practice techniques of negotiation and dispute resolution

Course times (provisional dates are subject to change) :

Sunday, March 27th (afternoon) : first round of introduction
Monday, March 28th  09.00–13.00 / 15:00-19:00
Tuesday, March 29th 09.00–13.00 / 15:00-19:00
Wednesday, March 30th 09.00–10.00


NOTE: The master student who are interested in participate in an extracurricular course, please click here.