Chadwick, Anna

University of Glasgow (UK)



2022 – Present: Senior Lecturer in Law - University of Glasgow
2022 - Present Pathway Director International Law LLM
2021 - Present –Co-Director, Glasgow Food Sovereignty Network
2020 - Present: Deputy Director of Research
2019 - Present: Programme Convenor of the International Economic Law LLM Programme
2019 - Present: Adviser of Studies
2019 – Present: Lecturer in Law - University of Glasgow
2018-20 Ethics Officer
2017 —2019: Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow, University of Glasgow
2015 – 2017: Max Weber Fellow, European University Institute (EUI), Firenze
2010 - 2011: Intern and then Case Officer, Death Penalty Team, Reprieve

• 2011 – 2015– London School of Economics and Political Science –PhD

o Thesis Title: Financial Speculation, Hunger, and the Global Food Crisis: Whither Regulation
o Supervised by Professor Susan Marks and Professor Andrew Lang
o Passed without corrections and awarded the PhD on 12th of October 2015
o Examined by Professor Fleur Johns (UNSW) and Dr Scott Newton (SOAS)

• 2008 – Sept 2009 - Kings College London – Master’s Degree in Law

o Passed the LLM with Distinction and obtained an average mark of 74.75 (highest in 2008-9
cohort. Awarded the following module results: Dissertation (85), International Human Rights
Law (67), Rethinking International Law (71), UK Human Rights Law (76).

o Dissertation topic: Universal jurisdiction

• 2004-2007 - University of Leeds - LLB

o LLB Law attained a 2:1 and an average mark of 67.5
o Mark of 72 awarded for undergraduate dissertation on the decriminalisation of heroin


• Visiting Appointment at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain, for a research project on
monetary constitutionalism
• Awarded an LKAS Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Glasgow (2017-9)
• Awarded a Max Weber Fellowship, European University Institute (2015-17)
• Winner of the 2018 Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Seminar Competition- £2000 -
‘Legality with a Vengeance: The Role of Law in the Financialization of the Food System’