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Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your interest in contributing as Visiting Faculty to the IISL’s International Master’s Programme. Please carefully read this information and the accompanying Course Guidelines for Teachers,  before filling in and submitting the online form. The guidelines are intended to be broad and hopefully not too prescriptive, and one of the strengths of the programme is that each teacher brings their own approach. In addition to the outline of contents and readings please do not forget to indicate course requirements and grading system.

Ours is a truly international programme which covers a broad scope of socio-legal topics, and which, for its excellence, relies on an impressive line-up of outstanding scholars. Without their generous engagement this would be impossible. We are very grateful for their invaluable contribution and we would be thrilled to have you join the roster of professors past, present and future who have made this Master a reality. For that purpose, we have set up an online form that we kindly invite you to submit to us. Please read the following information prior to submission, and fill in and submit the form ( for the 2025/2026 Programme). The 2024/2025 programme has already been announced.

  1. As you can see from looking at the 2024-2025 Programme,  each Course has a double denomination: one that is the oficial denomination (in black and bold in the Schedule) and one that is freely agreed on by the profesor and the IISL (in blue in the Schedule). The oficial denomination cannot be modified. Feel free to provide a name chosen by you that, ideally, reflects the contents, aims and theoretical backgrounds of your course, and select from the list the oficial denomination where it would belong. Each course lasts 2 weeks, with 20 hours of tuition distributed in no more than 2 hours per day.
  2. In addition to pursuing academic excellence, one of the aims of the IISL is to ensure periodic renewal of the Master’s Programme, in terms of gender, universities, countries, disciplinary approaches, etc. of its Faculty. Therefore, these indicators will count as criteria for selection among the various proposals for a course. On the other hand, a minimum continuity of 2 years is desired for practical purposes, therefore your willingness to commit to the Programme for that amount of time will be considered as an asset.
  3. In the current context, another relevant criterion and general guideline for the Institute is cost optimization. Please note that the IISL does not pay an honorarium for the Master. Faculty members have access to a fully furnished apartment in the Residencia Palace Antia. The IISL offers also per diem allowance: expenses for maintenance (food) will be reimbursed on presentation of receipts. Further details will be provided in due time, but the maximum amount one can claim per diem is 40€.

The lnstitute uses a software package called Moodle to distribute information to students. lf you want, you should also be informed about to log on to Moodle in order to access course materials from previous academic years. This may provide another useful guide concerning how courses are structured.

We would like to draw your attention to our request that coursework reading lists must provided to us by 15 June 2024. AII the compulsory and non­compulsory readings will be uploaded in Moodle. This can sometimes entail that the library has either to purchase new texts or securing its access through inter-library loan, which can take time, and therefore we ask that the readings are provided to us early. We hope that the guidelines answer most of your questions concerning the programme, but please contact the Master Coordination team (, should you have any queries.

The IISL welcomes all kinds of proposals from all over the world, with the vocation to foster plurality and diversity and for our Faculty to be representative of the diversity that exists in the socio-legal community. We look forward to your course proposal.

Please note that each course can be taught by one person only.
Please provide a suggested title for your course (in blue in the sample course schedule).
Due to the Institute's budgetary constraints, a cost estimate of each Course proposal will be a valuable asset at the time of selection.
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