“Pakistani Immigration and Integration in the Basque Country: A Case Study of Oñati”

18 Sep 2017

Patara Mckeen’s research examines the social, economic, and political factors influencing Oñati’s policy toward Pakistani immigrants. What must be understood is that Oñati is a truly unique locale in the Basque Country; a place livened by its passionate communities, linked together through a rich and vibrant history, that, in turn, encapsulates an extraordinary way of life. Yet, decades of political strife, violence, and ensuing period of globalization have altered its social makeup. Patara seeks to understand how Pakistani immigrant’s conceptualize their status in Oñati as it undergoes transformation by analyzing specific conditions which indicate integration (employment, education, social inclusion, active citizenship, and welcoming society). He investigates the meaning behind ‘status’ in the Basque Country which creates both ‘encompassing’ and ‘exclusionary’ forms of integration in the locale. Using questionnaire and in-depth interviews, he target’s community members, local organizations, and other relevant stakeholders to understand Pakistani immigrants status formation. What he finds is that the divide that separates inclusion from exclusion is often associated with the community’s perception of legal status and cultural participation.