Donations policy

The library recognizes and appreciates that members of the Institute, and the community, are interested in donating publications to the library collection. The Library now has significant funds in some areas thanks to several donations and appreciates and recognizes the great importance they have had in shaping its collections.

Nevertheless, space constraints and the amount of staffing resource required to record and process donations mean that the Library must be selective in what can be accepted.

Potential donors should be aware that Library will consider accepting donations according to the following criteria:

  • That no donation will be accepted without an inventory
  • That the prospective donation falls within the scope of the Library’s collection.
  • That the donated items do not duplicate materials already held.
  • That the items are of unique and significant value to the collection.
  • That the materials are in good physical condition.

Once a collection of donated material has been received into the Library, the Library reserves the right to deal with it as it sees appropriate.

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