Antia Residence Lodging Terms and Conditions



Per day Per week Per month
  Individual room Double room Individual room Double room Individual room Double room

Visiting Scholars / Workshops participants

44€ 56€ 175€ 262€ 531€ 710€
Master's Students 31€ 36€ 122€ 170€ 483€ 576€
These prices entered into force on 1 January 2024 approved by the Governing Board of the IISL Foundation.

Price adjustments:

The price rates will be revised annually and adjusted if need be.

Updated prices will be published on the website and enter into force at the date noted (usually the beginning of the calendar year).

Prices include:

  • Accommodation in Antia Residence
  • Utilities (electricity, water, gas)
  • Internet connection
  • Free access to common areas (kitchen, laundry...)
  • Weekly cleaning (including change of towels and sheets)
  • VAT (10%)

Eligibility for accommodation:

Applications from participants in IISL programs (Master / Visiting Scholars / Workshops) have priority. Other applications can be accepted, subject to availability of space.

Allocation of rooms:

Visiting Scholars and Workshop participants are generally accommodated in individual rooms. Master's Students are accommodated in individual rooms for the preferential price indicated. Guests joining a tenant who is paying for an individual room has to pay the difference between individual and double room for the duration of their stay. Stricter rules may apply for sharing rooms if anti-COVID-policies have to be activated again.


Payments have to be made within the first week of the stay. For stays of more than a month, the first monthly payment is due in the first week of the stay and the following payment is due after a month (and so on). Please note that the prices in the table are rounded. Invoiced prices may be based on the exact prices and rounded to full euros for payment purposes.

Deposit policy:

A prepayment of €50.00 will be requested from Visiting Scholars after reserving the room (this does not apply to Workshop participants or Master´s Students). This payment will be deduced from the accomodation payment. For stays of one month or more, a deposit (1 monthly rate) has to be paid per room before the arrival. This deposit will be returned at the end of the stay if the room is returned in a proper condition.

Cancellation policy:

The following rules apply if the reservation is cancelled by the visitor before arrival:

  • Cancellation until 3 weeks before arrival: full refund of the prepayment
  • Cancellation until 2 weeks before arrival: Refund discount €20.00 (penalty)
  • Cancellation until 1 week before arrival or no-show: no refund of the prepayment

Reimbursement policy:

Payments for accommodation will generally not be reimbursed in case of early departures, except in well documented cases of force majeure.