Subscribers will now be informed of the new arrivals at the IISL library

The library bulletin, released in February.
20 Feb 2019

The IISL library continues to engross its copious funds. From now on, it will circulate a newsletter with information of the new arrivals. The summary will be sent to subscribers to the Institute's mailing service, and the 1st issue can be viewed here.

This first newsletter includes information about newly arrived books  -Género, feminismo, sexualidad, edited by Elena Alejandra Ibarra Rojas and Mª Ovidia Rojas Castro; Políticas públicas, by Mauricio Merino; and Justicia e injusticias en Venezuela,  by Rogelio Pérez Perdomo- and journals - several issues of Law & Social Inquiry.

Anyone can subscribe to the mailing service by clicking on this link.