Scholars from 10 countries are analyzing the "new constitutionalism"

The workshop participants.
13 Jul 2018

Scholars from universities of ten countries are having a workshop on New constitutionalism? New forms of democracy and rule of law beyond liberalism. The meeting, which is being chaired by Adam Czarnota, is analyzing events taking place in Central and Eastern Europe in the last decades: "Over the past 30 years we have witnessed an unprecedented increase of the judiciary at the expense of representational power in Central and Eastern Europe. The judiciary, based on constitution, formed one of the foundations of the transformation, and in its assumptions is a guarantor of efficient and just conduct of such transformation. This fact is the consequence of the prevalence of a liberal-democratic vision of social order. But liberal type of social and political theory and practice is in crisis". "The emerging in CEE new form of democracy sometimes called “illiberal”, with its populism and nationalism, presents itself as a political answer to this crisis. Highlighting the role of the sovereign, collective subject (“the people”, “the nation”) it wants to fill the legitimacy gap of state power, even at the expense of individual rights". The workshop aims to examine, in the scope of constitutionalism and rule of law, answers to the challenge of new forms of democracies.

Among the participants there are not only socio-legal scholars but also constitutional lawyers, legal philosophers, political scientists and political philosophers.

PDF icon Final programme.