Presentation: "The other legalization of abortion in Latin America"

26 Feb 2018

Professor Paola Bergallo (Argentina) will give a presentation entitled "The other legalization of abortion in Latin America (28 February, Wednesday, IISL -Achille Loria room-, 3:30 pm).

In the last fifteen years, several Latin American countries have witnessed an increase in social mobilization in the struggle to liberalize abortion laws. In the context of such process, feminist reformist demands have become increasingly legalized. The legalization of pro-liberalization claims can be observed at least in multiple dimensions: (a) the diversification of legal reform goals and the fora in which such goals are being pursued, and (b) the expanded repertoire of legalized strategies and tactics deployed by the liberalizing camp. Against such backdrop, the presentation will explore the transformation from social to legal mobilization arguing that it entails a redefinition of the relationship between Latin American feminists with law and the rule of law. The author will share evidence from different case studies conducted by a team of socio-legal researchers as part of the project on Abortion Lawfare in Latin America from the Center on Law and Social Transformation at CMI in Bergen. 

Paola Bergallo is a Law Professor at Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, a researcher at the Argentine National Scientific Research Council (CONICET), and a fellow of the Center for Law and Social Transformation in the University of Bergen. Professor Bergallo's work focuses on law and society approaches to the study of public law in health rights and gender matters. She graduated with honors from the University of Buenos Aires, and received an LL.M. from Columbia University, and a master and a doctorate in Law from Stanford Law School.