New issue of Oñati Socio-legal Series: "Pornografía y prostitución en el orden patriarcal: perspectivas abolicionistas"

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01 Feb 2019

Oñati Socio-legal Series just published the first issue of the year, a special monograph titled "Pornografía y prostitución en el orden patriarcal: perspectivas abolicionistas". It has been edited by Rosa Cobo (Universidad de A Coruña) and has contributions by prominent Spanish researchers in the field, such as Luisa Posada, Lydia Delicado-Moratalla, Beatriz Ranea, Octavio Salazar, Ana Iglesias and Pilar Ballarín.

In the introduction to the issue, Cobo states that "prostitution is the heart of an international business that has grown in recent decades in the context of economic globalization and closely linked to the criminal economy. The sex industry has developed at the intersection of three systems of power: the patriarchal, the neoliberal capitalist and the racial / cultural. These three dominations are at the origin of the violence that prostituted women receive. At the same time, prostitution reinforces another founding institution of patriarchal systems, hegemonic masculinity".

In December, Oñati Socio-legal Series published a monograph titled "Sex Work in the Early 21st Century – Law, Policy and Reality", edited by Jacek Kurczewski and Mavis Maclean. Therefore, the Institute's principal journal contributes to an ongoing debate about prostitution, giving voice by opposing viewpoints within the field.

The first monograph of the year has come out on 1 February and inaugurates Oñati Socio-Legal Series's new periodicity: from quarterly to bimonthly.