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07 Feb 2023

Why study an International Master’s in Sociology of Law?

  • If you are concerned with social problems and often think the law should fix it… - watch out!
  • If you wanted to become a lawyer because this would help you promote justice… - think again!
  • If you know much about politics and culture but were so far afraid of Legalese… - debunk it!
  • If you have already seen much of the world but not really lived internationally… - come over!

In our intense one-year Master’s programme, you will get to the ground of questions of power, inequality and injustice, understand the challenges of creating new rules, getting laws enforced, making rights real, and recognise alternative routes to solving conflicts, mobilising people, creating change. You will learn from very different experiences, enlarge your own perspective, and develop a truly global mindset.

This programme is suitable for students with a background in sociology, law, political science, economics, anthropology, history, management, cultural studies, and more. It will provide you with a multifaceted expertise at the crucial interface of law, society, politics, and culture, enhance your ability to source from different disciplines, and develop your research and writing skills.

Is law a sword, a shield, or an empty promise? Find your own answers!

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Apply by 31st of March 2023!