The "fourth wave of feminism" has been analyzed at the Institute

The workshop participants.
15 Jun 2018

About fifteen academics, most of them from Polish and Italian universities, have had a workshop on The fourth wave of feminism: from sisterhood and social networking towards a new citizenship?. The workshop has been chaired by Lidka Rodak (Silesian University, Poland) and Caterina Peroni (University of Padua, Italy). The coordinators explain that "from Poland to Argentina, from Italy to India, this movement is claiming for self-determination, recognizing reproductive rights, legal and social citizenship free of sexism, gender-based violence and racism. All these issues concern the fundamental questions of who, how and why produces laws that colonize women’s body, as demonstrated by the recent online protest against Trump’s first decrees concerning women’s health and rights. Hence, we would argue that the global women’s movement is challenging not only single national or international issues, but it is globally challenging the neo-liberal paradigm of law and citizenship".