Academics from Canada, the US, Italy and Japan are discussing "Law and the Politics of Resistance"

The participants in the workshop on "Governing the Political: Law and the Politics of Resistance"
17 May 2018

Academics from universities of Canada, the US, Japan and Italy are having a workshop on Governing the Political: Law and the Politics of Resistance, chaired by Deborah Brock and Carmela Murdocca (York University, Toronto).

They are exploring this broad topic from different angles. On Thursday morning, they have given presentations on Queer Governance, Niqabi Women's Resistance, The resistance of the homeless in Japan and the United States, 'Rights' and 'freedom' as neoliberal politics in healthcare system, Resistance and the Inticamete Politics of (Settler) Governmentality in the Classroom, and Ecogovernmentality in the Anthropocene era. During the rest of the workshop, the rise of white nationalism, extremism, and hate, migration and borders and humanitarian governance will be discussed, and the workshop will finish with a reconsideration of resistance.