Migration. Profs.: Ruth Mestre and Iker Barbero

5 Ots 2018 -tik 16 Ots 2018 -ra

Part I. Governance of global mobility

  • February 5th. Global mobility: migration in a globalized world.  
  • February 6th.  Trafficking and smuggling of migrants -
  • February 7th. A critique of the mainstream discourse
  • February 9th and 10th. The transformation of state in controlling migrants. 


Part II. Citizenship, diversity and rights.

  • February 12th  Multiculturalism, citizenship and rights. Theoretical perspectives.
  • February 13th Multiculturalism and women’s rights.
  • February 14th Real problems.



The students pose for a photo with Ruth Mestre.

The Master's programme students working in groups.

In Professor Iker Barbero's class.