Bilkura: WG "Legal Profession Group Meeting"

De 24 Jun hasta 25 Jun

Coordinadores: Avrom Sherr (Chair of the Working Group), Ulrike Schultz (coorganiser) (Retired Senior Academic, FernUniversität in Hagen)

Descripción del encuentro

The Legal Profession Group

The International Working Group for Comparative Studies of Legal Professions was established, thirty years ago, by Richard Abel and Philip Lewis, to carry out an international research project on lawyers – how they developed as a profession and how they control their markets. 27 scholars from all around the world met to discuss the subject in Bellagio in 1984. This research was published, at the end of the 1980s in the three volumes of Lawyers in Society (Berkeley / Los Angeles / London: University of California Press 1988/89).

In 1985, at the RCSL (Research Committee on Sociology of Law) Conference in Aix-en-Provence the decision was taken to carry on work as a RCSL working group. The WG is involved in the activities of RCSL, especially in its bi-annual meetings, and the activities of ISA (the International Sociological Association) of which the RCSL is part.

The successive Chairs of the WG have been: Terry Halliday, Bill Felstiner, Benoit Bastard, Emmanuel Lazega, Ulrike Schultz, Rosemary Auchmuty, Lisa Webley and Avrom Sherr.

The research topics covered by the WG are diverse: they include studies of other professions in a comparative perspective, such as the judiciary or notaries. The WG is divided in thematic sub-groups (see below their titles and the names of sub-group leaders). Sub-groups have their own agenda and have regular meetings, either within the WG meetings and RCSL congresses, or specific ad hoc meetings, or Onati workshops. WG meetings are devoted to the presentation and discussion of comparative research projects carried out by members. A great number of publications have come out of their activities, particularly collective books or special issues of journals.

The Working Group holds a specific meeting every two years.

WG members have to be members of the RCSL. They are scholars of different origins and affiliations – mainly sociologists and lawyers - interested in socio-legal studies, university teachers as well as members of research centres etc. The WG is a network of more than 500 colleagues who contribute effectively to its conferences and/or to sub-group activities. The WG welcomes new participants and will organize sessions on several issues related to the legal professions at forthcoming RCSL, LSA and ISA meetings.


Videostreams of sessions at the meetings in Königswinter 2012 and Frauenchiemsee 2014 are accessible via

Nuestra experiencia en Oñati

I am Chair of the Working Group which met at Onati last week.  I have been to Onati many times and I am familiar with the Institute and its organisation.  As a result we decided last year to request to hold our biennial Working Group meeting at the IISL.
From beginning to end everything was organised in the most helpful and most professional way.  The attention to detail at every point in the organisation from the initial design, contacting the group members, considering the seminar accommodation and plenary gatherings, arranging the transportation and overnight accommodation -all the way through to welcoming the attendees and being present throughout at every element of the meeting- all was conducted  so pleasantly and completely without any fuss.
And on the very day of travel when airports were closed in England and flights cancelled, Malen was able to magic an entire communication system over the internet in a couple of hours. This enabled important attendees who were stranded elsewhere to be able to be involved fully in the meeting- though we had previously made clear that we had not wanted a hybrid meeting.  In the circumstances it saved the whole meeting and all the sessions.
Malen was at the end of a telephone or an email at all times working together with Manttoni visibly supporting our meeting and work. They cannot be faulted-always there, always helpful, always kind.
We had some 50 people attending 12 sessions giving 43 papers, one tour of the University and Church, four residential options, three dinners, two lunches, two morning coffees and everything else that goes with organising a conference for these numbers coming from all parts of the world.  And all perfectly played out.
Oñati proved that it could cater for these larger events splendidly.  We hope very much to be with you often in the future.
I have organised many such events in the past, but have never had such support.
With many thanks,

Professor Avrom Sherr
Chair, Working Group on the Legal Professions of the RCSL.

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