Nuevo libro en Hart: Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges

20 Oct 2016

Editors: Joanna Howe & Rosemary Owens

2016 , 440 p. , ISBN: 9781509906284 (Hb) ; 9781509906314 (pdf) ; 9781509906291 (ePub)

In the global era, controversies abound over temporary labour migration; however, it has not previously been subjected to a sustained socio-legal analysis on a comparative basis, critiquing the underpinning concepts conventionally accepted as fundamental in this area. This collection of essays aims to fill that void. Complex regulatory challenges arise from temporary labour migration. This collection examines these challenges and the extent to which temporary labour migration programmes can be ethical, equitable and efficacious and so deliver decent work for workers. Whilst the tendency for migration law to divide labour law's worker-protective mission has been observed before, the authors of the chapters comprising this collection seek not only to interrogate why and how this is so, but to go further in examining the implications and effects of a wide range of regulatory mechanisms on temporary labour migration.

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