Wassouf, Dennis

Masaryk University
01 Mar 2023 to 01 Apr 2023

My name is Dennis Wassouf and I am a PhD student at the Faculty of Law of Masaryk University in Brno (Department of Theory of Law). I am currently working on my dissertation, Law and Contemporary Critique of Ideology, where I focus on the development of the concept of critique and the concept of ideology and their relationship to law. My areas of interest include legal philosophy, psychoanalysis, critical theory, and literary theory. In philosophy, my main focus is on French structuralism and post-structuralism and contemporary post-Marxism. I am also a member of the research group Nomos: Centre for International Research on Law, Culture and Power, where we focus on topics in legal philosophy and theory.

Area(s) of expertise: Critical legal studies, Ideology critique, Law and psychoanalysis, Law and Literature