Raitasuo, Santtu

Tampere University
24 Oct 2023 to 15 Nov 2023

I work as a university lecturer in public law at Tampere University. I defended my doctoral dissertation in Helsinki University law faculty in 2022.  I teach administrative law courses and academic writing seminars in addition to conducting research.

I am interested in the political influence of academic legal experts. My research focuses on the commercial conflicts of interests of doctrinal legal research. Especially I have studied how academic legal scholarship contributes to the phenomenon of tax avoidance. Other research interests include critical legal methodology and the value basis of legal dogmatics. Currently I am writing about the positionality of doctrinal legal scholarship. An overarching theme in my research is applying critical social theory to understanding the societal influence of technical legal expertise.

My research has been published in journals such as Public Administration and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

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Area(s) of expertise: critical legal theory, sociology of law, legal expertise