Pikramenou, Nikoletta

University of Athens
26 Sep 2022 to 25 Nov 2022

In June 2021, I received a funding from the National Technical University of Athens to write a manual for legal practitioners. The title of the manual is 'Queer discriminations: a guide for legal practitioners'. The funding is for 18 months and the manual will be ready in the endof 2022. In Greece, socio-legal studies do not really exist and this is the first attempt to introduce the audience to themes that bridge society and the law. Furthermore, Intersex Greece (the organisation that I am working with in Greece) has receive a funding from ILGA on a research titled 'Hate speech against Intersex Population in Greece'. In this research, we document complaints received by intersex individuals on hate speech incidents and we will provide recommendations on how legal systems could protect intersex people. The project will last one year. At Oñati Institute, I will be able to familiarise even more with socio-legal studies, finalise the manual I am preparing on queer discriminations while sharing my experiences as a professional working both in academia and civil society. The overall purpose of this stay is to expand my knowledge on socio-legal issues and then return to Greece and share this  knowledge with legal practitioners.

Area(s) of expertise: Law, Gender, Queer theory