Munro, Rebecca

The European University Institute
10 Sep 2018 to 24 Sep 2018
Experience in Oñati: 

I am currently writing my PhD which looks at how civil society mobilised under international institutions, such as the International Covenant on Economic, Social Rights and the European Social Charter. During my time at the IISL, I made use of the excellent resources on theories and methodologies of social movement studies. I am currently developing a theoretical framework which incorporates human rights mobilisation literature and social movement theory literature so IISL was a great place to find both sociological social movement texts and the relevant legal literature.

My time at the IISL was excellent. I was able to get some very focused work done and make use of the excellent library facilities. I also really enjoyed staying in the beautiful town of Oñati and getting the chance to hike in the local area. It’s a great place  to come as a research visitor for that reason, and also because of the opportunities available to meet other researchers and professors at the residence in which we were able to exchange experiences and knowledge to assist in our own research. I hope to come back again soon.