Luker, Patricia

University of Technology Sydney
19 Sep 2022 to 15 Oct 2022

Dr Trish Luker is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney. Her research is primarily concerned with how, and on what basis, legal decisions are made.

It focuses on two areas: analysis of legal decision-making and court processes; and evidentiary assessment, including theories of the documentary form in law.

Trish has a number of research projects that reflect her research interests and expertise. She is a leader of the Australian Feminist Judgments Project (ARC DP120102375), which investigates  the possibility of feminist approaches to legal decision-making.

In the Court as Archive project (ARC DP130101954), she has made important contributions to understanding the archival responsibilities of courts. Her current project (with Katherine Biber), called What is a Document? (ARC DP160100414) investigates the challenges to evidence law brought about by the shift to the digital age.

Trish is the President of the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand:

Trish is an Editor of Legalities: The Australian and New Zealand Journal of Law and Society (Edinburgh UP):

My publications are available at: SSRN Author page:

Area(s) of expertise: Evidence law, socio-legal studies, law and history, feminist legal theory, law and language, law and documentary theory