Loan norms_COVID-19

-Each user will be allowed to borrow a maximum of 6 books.

-The maximum time allowed to keep a document is 21 days. Only one extension per loan will be allowed. The extension will have to be requested before the loan expiration date. The extension will not be possible if the document has been reserved by another user.

-Return: The document can be handed back at the Library desk or by mail.

-After each loan, the books returned by the users will be isolated in another room for 7 days.

-Breach of norms:

  •  An unjustified delay in returning the document will be penalized with a temporary suspension of the lending right:

           -One day of suspension for every day of delay and every document.

           -From day 50 of delay, the lending right will be suspended for 6 months.

          -The user will not be able to reserve a document while the suspension lasts.

  • Loss of a document: The user will be responsible for substituting the lost document or, if the document is no longer on sale, for purchasing an analogous document.   The library staff will supervise the purchase and will notify the user so that he/she can make the payment.
  •  Damage of a document: The user must ensure good conservation of the borrowed document. If it is noticed that a document has been damaged during the loan by a   particular user, he/she will have to replace the document. The rules exposed in the previous paragraph apply.

If you are interested in requesting a loan, please click on the link => Loan application form

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