Hall of Residence Grants for carrying out Research Work at the Oñati IISL between October 2023 and March 2024

The Board of the International Institute for Sociology of Law has created residence grants for scholars who would like to conduct research at the Institute’s Library.

- 1 residence grant to a PhD to stay up to 2 months in the IISL's Residence (accommodation in a single room during October-March minimum 1 month). Following the IISL's policy, those staying longer than 1 month will have to pay the Residence deposit;

- 3 residence grants to Post-doctorals (for those who finished their PhD in the last 5 years) to stay up to 2 weeks in the Residence (accommodation in a single room during October-March minimum 1 week). It will be possible to stay longer as visiting scholars [+info].

The application has to be submitted before the 28th of February 2023, together with the following documents:

  • Application form.
  • A description of the research project to be carried out.
  • A summarized CV (maximum 800 words)
  • Information about the applicant’s country of origin, current job and other relevant information about personal financial circumstances.
  • Proof (where relevant) of having been awarded other financial assistance for the research.

When awarding grants, coming from a country in category C of the list drawn up by the International Sociologica Association will be a basis for preferential treatment.

Due to the high number of visitors who come to Oñati every year, the IISL cannot be held responsible for any accidents or illnesses the person may experience during their stay. For this reason, people awarded the residence grant should themselves procure any necessary travel and accident insurance.


For more information: 

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