Carta del director científico

Vincenzo Ferrari

We are approaching the end of the Academic Year, 2017-18, and the Oñati Institute is in good shape. A brilliant group of master students completed their curricular courses and are currently preparing their final theses, all of them of remarkable interest and indeed promising, also as further steps of the authors along their hard footpaths of research.

The Institute will soon host 16 workshops between April and July. Workshops have always been both an occasion for many scholars to meet and the source of publications of high quality in either English or Spanish, as the series of the Institute’s books, as well as its qualified on-line journal, significantly demonstrate.

Special attention is being paid to our library, which attracts many visiting scholars yearly and needs conspicuous efforts to keep pace with the ever-growing number of publications. Offering the opportunity to get easy and immediate access to the widest possible number of scientific publications in a peaceful place is one the Institute’s main missions. The Institute is therefore deeply grateful to all those authors, editors and publishers that contributed to the library with generous donations in the most diverse languages.

Over the next few months, we will be extremely busy with the future programmes for 2019, which will be a very special year. The Oñati Institute commenced its life on May 24, 1989, on the basis of an agreement signed in December, 1988, between the Basque Government and the ISA’s Research Committee on Sociology of Law. Among our numerous friends – who may now have joined the Oñati Community, a real and lively network – many attended, or at least have heard of, that solemn inauguration ceremony on the patio of the Antigua Universidad. Throughout thirty years, and despite the difficulties stemming from the serious economic crisis of the last decade, the Institute has achieved high international reputation and indeed is worldly known as one of the centres in which law and society studies can be carried on fruitfully. Such achievements are a matter of true satisfaction but should turn into new challenges for the future. Special events will be organized on the happy occasion of the Institute's thirtieth anniversary, with the intention, especially, to understand the current times and investigate futures under our specific scientific perspective, i.e. the role of law in a rapidly and somehow dramatically changing world. All suggestions will be welcome.

Vincenzo Ferrari
March 2018