Newsletter 49 2016-11

Oñati-IISL eNewsletter - eBoletín del IISJ-Oñati No. 49
2016 / 07
We have a new webpage - Tenemos nueva página web

IISL-IISJ Website After months of work, we are very glad to show you our website's new look. We do hope you like it as much as we do! [+info]

Después de meses de trabajo, estamos felices de presentaros la nueva imagen de nuestra web. Esperamos que os guste tanto como a nosotros! [+info]

Letter from the Scientific Director

Vincenzo FerrariFirst of all, I wish to express my warmest thanks to the Governing Board of this Institute for appointing me as scientific director for the term 2016-2018. This is a great honour for me and also a special pleasure, since I have been involved in the activities of the IISL since its very beginnings in 1988-1989 and I feel strongly committed to his future. [+info] [+ESP]


10 Feb 2017: Call for 2018 Workshops [+info] [+application form]

10 Feb 2017: Residence grants [+info] [+application form]

28 Feb 2017: Socio-legal Master [+info] [+application form]

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International Master's in the Sociology of Law
Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation. Prof. Ulrike Schultz - (FernUniversität in Hagen)
Social Research Theory and Practice. Prof. Maggie Walter -(University of Tasmania)

Student support fund

Donations are used to support our student grants [+], and are always very welcome.

Donate via Paypal or other options through our web page [+info]
Thank you to Pablo Ciocchini for their donations to support to the students' fund

2015-16 Master students have already defended their theses


26-30 Sep.: Rhetoric, Communication, Negotiation
Prof. Ulrike Schultz - (FernUniversität in Hagen) [+]
3-14 Oct.: Social Research Theory and Practice
Prof. Maggie Walter - (University of Tasmania) [+]
Comparative Legal Culture. Prof. Bengoetxea, Joxerramon - (University of the Basque Country)
Socio-Legal Perspectives on Litigation
17-28 Oct.: Comparative Legal Culture
Prof. Bengoetxea, Joxerramon - (University of the Basque Country) [+]
31 Oct. -11 Nov.: Socio-Legal Perspectives on Litigation
Prof. Lynn Mather - (SUNY Buffalo Law School) [+]

Single courses available!

Remembemer you can also attend single courses of the programme [+info] [+Leaflet] [+Poster] [+Application procedures]

Further information

2016 workshops programme
Local, Regional and International Perspectives on Political Settlement and Transition

14-15 Jul: Local, Regional and International Perspectives on Political Settlement and Transition
Chairs: Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (Transitional Justice Institute, Belfast), Gina Bekker (Transitional Justice Institute, Belfast)

"The workshop brought together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners from very different disciplines and geographies including political science, law, gender studies, and social policy. The workshop was crafted to pay close attention to these intellectual synergies, connections and disjunctions." [+info] [+Programme]

Legal Experts and Legal Expertise in the Ancient World

21-22 Jul: Legal Experts and Legal Expertise in the Ancient World
Chairs: José Luis Alonso (University of the Basque Country), Jakub Urbanik (University of Warsaw)

"The first of a series aiming at renewing the communication between these not so new currents in legal historiography and the rich tradition of the sociology of law, and at providing, from the inexhaustible realm of the ancient legal experience, new materials for socio-legal study. " [+info] [+Programme]

Sex Work in the Early 21st Century – Law, Policy and Reality

28-29 Jul: The Evolving Role of the Prosecutor, Domestically and Internationally
Chairs: Heather Douglas (T.C. Bierne School of Law, University of Queensland, Australia), Philip Stenning (School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia)

"Established scholars, early career researchers and PhD students, representing eleven different countries on four continents, participated in the workshop, comparing experiences with a wide range of interconnecting issues. " [+info] [+Programme]

2017 workshop calendar
The workshop programme for next year is already closed. Check the full programme [+info]

Calendario workshops 2017
El programa de workshops del año que viene ya está cerrado. Consúltalo [+info]

Call for 2018 workshops - Total logistical and planning support!

We welcome applications to organize a workshop in 2018. Enjoy modern, full-equipped meeting rooms, excellent accommodation, arrangements at local restaurants at very reasonable prices, free bus service from/to the nearest airport and train station. [+info] Further information
Deadline: February 10, 2017

Propuestas de workshops 2018 - Total ayuda logística y de organización!

Os invitamos a presentar propuestas para celebrar una reunión en 2018. Os ofrecemos varias salas de reunión modernas y bien equipadas, excelente alojamiento, contactos con restaurantes locales a precios razonables, servicio de bus gratis desde/al, aeropuerto o estación ferroviaria más próxima. [+info] Más información
Fecha límite: 10 de febrero de 2017

Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Call for 2018 workshops - IISL IISJ
Latest publications

Oñati International Series in Law and Society

Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges. Eds. Joanna Howe & Rosemary Owens Temporary Labour Migration in the Global Era: The Regulatory Challenges

Eds. Joanna Howe & Rosemary Owens

In the global era, controversies abound over temporary labour migration; however, it has not previously been subjected to a sustained socio-legal analysis on a comparative basis, critiquing the underpinning concepts conventionally accepted as fundamental in this area. This collection of essays aims to fill that void. [+info]

Table of contents - List of contributors - Introduction: Joanna Howe & Rosemary Owens - Book order at a 20% discount

Life Imprisonment and Human Rights. Dirk van Zyl Smit, Catherine Appleton
Life Imprisonment and Human Rights

Eds: Dirk van Zyl Smit, Catherine Appleton

In many jurisdictions today, life imprisonment is the most severe penalty that can be imposed. Despite this, it is a relatively under-researched form of punishment and no meaningful attempt has been made to understand its full human rights implications. [+info]

Table of Contents & Book order at a 20% discount - List of contributors - Introduction: Dirk van Zyl Smit, Catherine Appleton & Georgie Benford

Oñati Socio-Legal Series

Vol. 6, n. 3 (July-September): Past, Present and Future of Sociology of Law

Issue edited by Adam Czarnota (International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Oñati - Spain; University of New South Wales, Sydney - Australia).

Begicevic, A. Money as Justice: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 396-425. [+pdf]

Branco, P. Courthouses as Spaces of Recognition, Functionality and Access to Law and Justice: A Portuguese Reflection. 426-441. [+pdf]

Carlet, F. Las Luchas Quilombolas y el Poder Judicial Brasileño: el Caso de la Comunidad Paiol de Telha. 442-453. [+pdf]

Costa, A.M.C. Os Limites ao Reconhecimento de Adolescentes e seus Contextos Jurídicos Culturais – uma Ilustração com o Caso Brasileiro. 454-476. [+pdf]

Duarte, M., Oliveira, A., Fernando, P. Gender and Judging in Portugal: Opinions and Perceptions. 477-495. [+pdf]

Ferreira, A.C. The Politics of Austerity as Politics of Law. 496-519. [+pdf]

Henriques, M.P. Labour Human Rights in Portugal: Challenges to Their Effectiveness. 520-542. [+pdf]

Hernández de Gante, A. Crisis del Sistema Jurídico Mexicano: entre la Reforma Penal y los Actores Sociales Contestatarios. 543-561. [+pdf]

Ibarra Rojas, L. Collective Intellectual Property in Michoacán: Negotiating Economic and Cultural Agendas in the Artisanal Field. 562-583. Available from: +pdf]

Krotoszyński, M. The Transitional Justice Models and the Justifications of Means of Dealing with the Past. 584-606. [+pdf]

Melville, A., Arrese Murguzur, S. Perceptions of Teachers at the International Institute of Sociology of Law of International Student Diversity: Barriers, Enrichment or Cosmopolitan Learning? 607-631. [+pdf]

Monciardini, D. Lawyers, Accountants and Financial Analysts: The “Architects” of the New EU Regime of Corporate Accountability. 632-655. [+pdf]

Moons, N., Hubeau, B. Conceptual and Practical Concerns for the Effectiveness of the Right to Housing. 656-675. [+pdf]

Olesen, A. Debt as a Criminal Risk Factor in Denmark. 676-706. [+pdf]

Patrignani, E. Legal Pluralism as a Theoretical Programme. 707-725. [+pdf]

Payero, L. El Esencialismo Constitucional: la Constitución Española al Servicio de la Unidad Nacional. 726-748. [+pdf]

Peršak, N. Procedural Justice Elements of Judicial Legitimacy and their Contemporary Challenges. 749-770. [+pdf]

Romani Sancho, L. La Posición de Mujeres y Hombres en los Primeros Puestos de las Listas Electorales: Impacto la de Presencia Equilibrada. 771-794. [+pdf]

Salento, A. The Financialization of Companies in Italy. 795-815. [+pdf]

Scamardella, F. Governance in Times of Globalisation: the Kaleidoscope of the Legal System. 816-836. [+pdf]

Schömer, E. Sweden, a Society of Covert Racism: Equal from the Outside: Everyday Racism and Ethnic Discrimination in Swedish Society. 837-856. [+pdf]

Schwartz, G., Costa, R.A. Fleck, A.S.B. How Does Football Influence the Political System and Juridify Social Movements? Brazil, June 2013. 857-876. [+pdf]

Umaña, C.E., Pires, A.P. Derechos Humanos y Penas Radicales: ¿Crítica o Justificación? La Recepción del Derecho Internacional Humanitario en el Código Penal Colombiano. 877-900. [+pdf]

Case studies

Arrese Murguzur, S., Pérez-Perdomo, R. El Máster de Sociología Jurídica de Oñati: la Percepción de los Graduados. Oñati Socio-legal Series [online], 6 (3), 901-919. [+pdf]

Sortuz: call for papers

We have an open call for papers all year round, however, to be considered for the first issue of 2017 of Sortuz, please submit the papers through our on-line system before February 20, 2017. [+info]

Nuestra convocatoria se encuentra abierta todo el año, sin embargo, para ser considerados para el primer número de 2017 de Sortuz, los artículos se deben enviar a través de nuestro sistema en línea antes del 20 de febrero de 2017.  [+info]


Sortuz: Oñati Journal of Emergent Socio-legal Studies: Vol. 8, n. 1 (2016)


Erhan Özcan: Network-mediated/facilitated Protests in Iran, Egypt and Turkey: Unwitting Leaders and a Test of Activists’ Patientia [+pdf]

Sabrina María Villegas Guzmán: Una Aproximación a la Relación entre Derecho y Luchas por la Tierra en Comunidades Campesinas de Córdoba, Argentina [+pdf]

Vicente Riccio, Paulo Fraga, Andre Zogahib, Mario Aufiero: Crime and Insecurity in Amazonas: Citizens and Officers’ Views [+pdf]

Daniel Jiménez: Razones de Mercado-Estado y Economía Política del Crimen [+pdf]

Book Reviews

Arianna Jacqmin: Book Review: Grazia Mannozzi and Giovanni Angelo Lodigiani, 2015. Giustizia riparativa. Ricostruire legami, ricostruire persone (Restorative Justice. Rebuilding Relationships, Rebuilding People) [+pdf]


Sharyn Roach Anleu, Kathy Mack: Rendimiento Judicial y Experiencias del Trabajo Judicial: Hallazgos de la Investigación Socio-jurídica [+pdf]

Library and Documentation Centre

IISL Library online catalogThank you to all the donors who have sent us their publications:

Sharyn Roach Anleu, Ramino Ávila, Iker Barbero, Peter Fitzpatrick, Lynn Mather, Dave Whyte

Bononia University Press, Hegoa, Uniwersytet Jagiellonskiego

[+Access the library catalogue]

Oñati Institute Seminar Series

Raul Sanchez‐Urribarri: The politicization of high courts in hybrid regimes: A Discussion focused on the Venezuelan Case. 9 Nov [+info]

Ilaria Lazzerini: The politicization of high courts in hybrid regimes: A Discussion focused on the Venezuelan Case. 3 Nov [+info]

Camilo Umaña: Researching: five tools, multiple paths. 27 Sep [+info]

Recent Visitors to the Institute / Han visitado el Instituto

You will find an unique atmosphere to research or write, with the best Library and Documentation Center [+] on Law and Society to make research

Disfruta de un ambiente único para investigar o escribir, en la mejor Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación [+] sobre sociología jurídica para desarrollar tu investigación

Visiting scholars / Investigadores visitantes

Carlos PeretteCarlos Perette (UPV-EHU): 2016/07/16 - 2016/07/28

"Visitar  Oñati y el IISJ es siempre una nueva oportunidad de descubrir nuevos horizontes académicos, de encontrar gente interesante y de avanzar en la tarea investigativa en la formidable Biblioteca especializada en Sociología Jurídica que posee." [+info]

Victoria CooperDavid WhyteVictoria Cooper & David Whyte (University of Liverpool): 2016/07/15 - 2016/07/29

"Vickie Cooper of The Open University, UK and David Whyte of the University of Liverpool spent two weeks visiting the IISL in July to research and write part of the Introduction to a book they are editing called ‘The Violence of Austerity’." [+info]

Marco Antonio LoschiavoAgata Czarnecka (Nicolaus Copernicus University): 2016/09/13 - 2016/09/27

"The library of the Institute was my main source of materials. Its collection is impressive and one can find a lot of interesting books on socio-legal topics there. Its subject based classification system is very clear and shelving books this way makes the research much easier. " [+info]

Ilaria LazzeriniIlaria Lazzerini (University of Milan): 2016/10/27 - 2015/11/08

"Thanks to the library of the Oñati Institute, I have integrated the literature collected on the topic of land-grabbing, commons and indigenous peoples rights, in order to prepare the presentation of the 3rd of November 2016 and to pave the way to my future studies." [+info]

  • Martin Ramstedt  ( Max Planck Institute - Germany) 2016/09/25 - 2016/09/29
Conference on Empirical Legal Studies in Asia: Call for papers

Papers are selected through a rigorous peer review process. CELSA will consider empirical papers across all areas of law. Quantitative data analysis is preferred. Only submissions in English are considered. While authors are strongly encouraged to submit works-in-progress, submissions should be completed drafts that present main findings. Submitted papers must be unpublished (and expected to be unpublished at the time of the conference). If accepted, authors will have an opportunity to submit a revised draft prior to the conference.  Each paper will be assigned a discussant and authors of accepted papers are expected to be willing to act as discussants of another paper. Although there is no commitment toward publication, conference speakers are invited to submit their papers to the Journal of Empirical Legal Studies. [+info]

Call for Papers – Submission Deadline: 15 February 2017 Notifications on paper inclusion by mid-March 2017

Conference Dates: June 13–15, 2017 (Tuesday–Thursday)

Please send logistics questions to Dr. Han-wei Ho at
Please send academic questions to Prof. Yun-chien Chang at