Where to find funding

  • Grants from the Spanish Government (Information 2022)   Deadline: 30 March - 16 May 2022

The purpose of this Program is to offer the opportunity to take Master's studies in Spain, to officials or personnel integrated in public systems, including the educational and university system, which guarantee the highest possible degree of impact and return of the knowledge acquired, subject to the conditions indicated below:

Amount of the grant: Tipos de becas - Universidad: grado y máster - Becas y ayudas para estudiantes | Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional (becaseducacion.gob.es)

Aimed at: Spanish students or resident in Spain (DNI or NIE)

Portada - Becas y ayudas para estudiantes | Ministerio de Educación y Formación Profesional (becaseducacion.gob.es)

Scholarships for university master's degrees (official) of 60 maximum ECTS credits, of a face-to-face nature, that are registered in the Register of Universities, Centers and Titles (RUCT) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain (https://www.educacion.gob.es/ruct/home), and that should concern any of the lines of action in which the actions of the Spanish Cooperation are framed according to the V Master Plan,

For nationals of: Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ethiopia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, the Dominican Republic and Senegal.

Duration of the scholarship: up to 10 months, within the period September 1, 2021 to July 31, 2022, not renewable, or renewable for another academic year.

The economic endowment for both modalities is:

  a) Monthly support of € 1,200.

  b) Tuition assistance, including administrative fees, of up to € 5,000. The payment of the tuition will be made directly to the scholarship holder or to the university, previous presentation of the corresponding invoice.

  c) Travel assistance for incorporation into their studies in Spain

  d) Travel assistance insurance and accident insurance

NOTE: If you meet the requirements of nationality, and work as an official or staff integrated in the public administration, justice system, health, education, social policy, and other equivalent fields, or forms part as a teacher or researcher in the university system, and you are interested in doing our International Master in Legal Sociology you can count on our support to introduce you to this important call. To do this you must make your pre-registration as soon as possible, attaching the corresponding documentation electronically, so that our Academic Committee can assess your candidacy, provide you with the appropriate guidance and, if necessary, endorse your application to the MAEC-AECID.